About Matt & Victoria ...

Not long after a car accident in 2000, my husband Matt designed what he hoped would help me keep gardening.

That accident a rear-ender by a drunk driver going 80 miles per hour flipped our pick-up over in a grassy median strip on US 17 in Gloucester County, Virginia. The EMTs and emergency department doctors were amazed that we survived, let alone walk out of the hospital at midnight that night.

I came away with low back and neck injuries and some days found it hard to sit down comfortably. A few months afterward, I started experiencing tingling and numbness in both hands.

GardenRack started as a heart-felt gift from my husband and, hopefully, will be the same for you.

If you've had to give up gardening because of a bad back or sore knees, we hope it gets you back in the gardening swing again. You can have a vegetable garden in one section and a cutting garden in the other. It's the best of both worlds.

If you've never gardened before or live in an urban setting without much room, GardenRack will let you enjoy gardening without taking up tons of space.